Calculation of working hours

How to calculate the working hours ?
This is the frequent question of the HR Manager and the employee when it comes to setting up a system for recording working> Thanks to this free online hours sheet, JOUROFF offers you a tool for calculating working hours which allows you to take into account the rules for organizing working time within your company.

A free, adaptable and modular online timesheet...

º Are you an HR manager or an employee ?
º Do you want to add the working hours ?
º Does your manager ask you to periodically submit a work schedule ?
º Need a spreadsheet of hours worked by date and by activity ?

Simplified working hours calculation...Indeed, this free hours sheet allows you to easily calculate your weekly or monthly working hours.

A multi-option timesheet

The calculation of working hours involves management rules which are variable by company.
This working time calculator offers you several options, among which :
The possibility of calculating the hours following the start time and the end time
The accumulation of hours over a day
the split of the day to indicate several activities with different time slots
the weekly or monthly timetable sheet
Preview of working hours and PDF export

Calculation of weekly working hours

Depending on the case, the working hours calculator allows you to fill in a weekly hours sheet, with the possibility to freely choose the number of the target week.

Calculation of monthly working hours

In some companies the calculation of working time is done through a sheet of monthly hours. This provides a general view of the hours worked over the monthly period.
The working hours calculation system offered by JOUROFF allows you to calculate hours with complete flexibility.
Indeed, you can dynamically switch to a different time calculation mode depending on the company's HR rules.
In the event that you want to calculate the hours worked over the entire month, the work hours worksheet offers navigation through the different months of the year.
Thanks to these different hours entry options, the working hours spreadsheet adapts to several business organizations...Whether it is to perform a simple addition of hours worked or as part of an advanced use for calculate his working hours.

Areas of application calculation of working hours

Calculation of working hours applied to leave management

Time is entered based on the hours actually worked by the employee.
Thus, to calculate his working hours, the employee must take into account his days of leave.
As a result, the company may favor a working hours calculation system which also integrates the monitoring of leave.
This last point is an area in its own right because it involves putting in place the HR rules for the acquisition and counting of leave.
The hours sheet presented here highlights the working time calculation aspect, rather than the calculation of paid leave.

Calculation of working hours applied to overtime

There may be multiple objectives for calculating working hours.
In the event that you wish to calculate working time for the purpose of recovering hours, you will have to set up a system for calculating overtime.
In this context, to calculate his working hours, the employee must above all refer to his employment contract which specifies his legal weekly working time.
From the point of view of the HR tool, the calculation of overtime is based on the setting of a weekly threshold of 35 hours for triggering overtime.

Depending on the type of employment contract, the overtime calculation threshold can be greater or less than 35 hours ... In the latter case, in French law, we speak of the recognition of additional hours.
It is also necessary to integrate the increase in overtime. For example, considering that the hours worked between 35h and 43h are increased by 25% and the hours beyond 43h are increased by 50%.
Within the framework of your company, you must refer to your collective agreement or company agreement to determine the applicable thresholds by hourly slice, as well as the percentage of increase of overtime.

Here is a simulation of the calculation of overtime for a contract of 35 hours per week :
(1) Weekly hours declared 38h
- Gross overtime for the first threshold = 38 - 35 = 3h
- Overtime after increase = 3 * 25/100 = 0.75 h
- Total overtime hours = 3 + 0.75 = 3.75 h

(2) Hours declared by the employee = 45h
- Overtime Threshold-1 = 43h - 35h = 8h
- Overtime Threshold-2 = 45h - 43h = 2h
...10 gross overtime hours counted
- Overtime after increase = (8 * 0.25) + (2 * 0.5) = (2h) + (1h) = 3h
- Total overtime = 10h + 3h = 13h

As long as the overtime calculation process is in place, the hourly calculation system can feed an hours recovery counter.
In the event of payment for overtime, it is necessary to integrate the calculation of the hourly rate according to the employee's contract.
If you wish to know more about the calculation of overtime, you can access the overtime simulator offered in the JOUROFF hr toolbox, located at the bottom of the site.

Calculate your working hours as part of the working time modulation

The field of calculating working hours is very wide because not all companies have the same operating mode.
In French labor law legislation, we also speak of the modulation of working time.
This concerns companies that have seasonality in their activity, ie the employee works more or less sustained per period.
For example, over the first six (6) months of the year, the employee works 40-hour weeks, and in the second semester he works according to a volume of 30 hours per week.
The goal is to project an average of 35 hours over the entire reference period.

Note that, regardless of the volume of hours worked over a given period, the employee keeps the same level of salary.
The modulation of working time or annualization can prove to be complex on a daily basis because it is necessary to integrate a provisional planning of annualization of working time.
Then, we calculate the actual hours worked week by week in order to respect the quota of working time fixed by the company agreement.

Calculate planned working hours

Some companies rely on schedule activities to calculate working hours.
This has the advantage of avoiding a double entry of working time by the employee.
The objective is to have a standardization of the management of working time.
Among the free HR tools for calculating working time offered by JOUROFF, there is a free online schedule, which allows you to specify date by date time slots in order to organize work efficiently.
If you do not use the planning tool, the working hours worksheet presented in this section allows you to specify on one side the start time and the end time...Then, a calculation of the number of total hours worked is proposed to you.

Work hour calculation and validation process

If you want to be exhaustive in the calculation of working hours, you can integrate the step of validating the hours declared by the Manager.
Time management software makes it easy to manage the time entry process followed by validation by the HR Manager... through a summary table of the hours worked by the employee.

In the absence of specialized time management software, this can be done through the printable timesheet.
However, JOUROFF as time management software offers a range of HR tools allowing the digitization of working time in all its components.

Does the working hours calculator replace the excel hours sheet ?

The objective of this online working time calculator is to make your task easier by offering you a calendar system, in addition to the addition of hours.
Indeed, the use of an excel timesheet requires to manually define the dates belonging to a week...This becomes even more complex when it is necessary to calculate the hours worked over the entire month.
The hour accounting system allows you to calculate hourly totals line by line, by date, by week or by month.
You save time and efficiency compared to an excel hours sheet.

Working hours and project time counter

The calculation of working hours can be done as part of activity monitoring, because beyond the human resources management aspect, very often working time is also time to invoice customers or quite simply to manage business activities.
To this end, the calculation of working hours must offer great flexibility.

This timesheet tool offers the notion of activities.
An activity can represent a project...In this context, this timesheet can be used to report time by project.
More than a calculator of working hours, this free tool allows you to add hours as well as to have a consolidated table of your working time.